Thank you for your valuable time. Here is a brief outline to Battery Regeneration.

  • Are your Lead Acid batteries not running on a full charge, taking longer to charge or not fully charging? Chances are its sulphated!

  • All lead acid batteries sulphate! Fact! Sulphating destroys batteries and lowers their capacity. 80% of good batteries are being prematurely sent to recycling,

  • Millions of Lead acid batteries are in use in Ireland: in Buses, Trucks, UPS, Telecoms, Marine, Leisure, forklift, scissors lifts, golf buggies, pallet lifters, cars, trains, and aircraft

  • We can desulphate/regenerate all types of lead acid batteries. Flooded, Gel, AGM etc., by using high frequency pulse generators which removes the sulphate from the battery plates

  • By regenerating batteries, we extend the life of the battery by years, reducing capital outlay on replacement

  • Regeneration increases capacity and run time, charging times are reduced, saving money on electricity costs.

  • CO2 emissions are lowered due to reduction in heat generated by over sulphated batteries.

  • Full regeneration of a battery costs less then 22% of the replacement cost of a battery

  • The regeneration process is very environmentally friendly and safe, using no chemicals and does no harm to the batteries

  • Stop battery sulphating by having regular battery maintenance. Contracts are available, we visit twice a year to check, top up, clean, and regenerate your batteries.

  • The price of lead-acid batteries are increasing monthly due to the fallout of covid 19

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