Battery Regeneration.

Lead acid batteries deteriorate in performance over time. This is not due to inevitable and expected decline, as most battery users presume, but happens because standard charge/discharge cycles do nothing to protect batteries from unwanted accumulations building on their internal plates. These progressively obstruct the electrochemical exchanges from occurring efficiently. We can recondition these batteries, bringing them back to 85% to 95% of normal function, using our specialist equipment to remove accumulated sulphate for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We can desulphate/recondition all types of lead acid batteries. We extend the life of the battery by years, reducing capital outlay on replacements.
This increases capacity and run time and charging times are reduced, saving money on electricity costs.

Put simply, a forklift truck or golf buggy that is no longer able to do the minimum required on a single charge – such as carry two heavy golfers and their sets of clubs around 18 holes while stopping off for a pizza – would normally need battery replacement. We offer a far cheaper alternative. Here is the science bit.

Our specialist equipment uses pulse technology to dissolve the crystal sulphates that are damaging the battery and all the other electrical systems of the vehicle

This build-up can be scientifically measured and removed, giving you back a fully charged battery that will return to holding close to its original performance and allowing the battery to charge and discharge more efficiently, in addition to extending the life of the battery.

  • Regenerating a battery is 75% cheaper than replacing it
  • We will always be completely honest as to whether a battery is capable of being properly reconditioned or not
  • Reconditioning a 48 Volt battery typically takes about one hour.
  • Where a battery cannot be reconditioned, we can provide a like-for-like or Lithium-Ion upgrade.