Lithium Ion 12.8 V

This battery is suitable for vehicles such as camper vans and boats. It may also be used in telecommunications and medical settings. A bluetooth connection to your mobile phone allows you to easily monitor the current readiness and charge status.

Electrical Specifications
Nominal Voltage12.8V
Nominal Capacity100Ah
Nominal Energy1280Wh
Internal Resistance<30 @50% SOC
Capacity@30A : 240 minutes
Self Discharge5% / month
Max in Series and Parallel4 Units
Max in ParallelUnlimited
Mechanical Specifications
Terminal Type2*M8 Bolts
Dimensions (L, W, H)355, 175, 190mm
Cell TypeLiFePO4
Case TypeABS IP65
Charge Current and Voltage
Max Charge Current100A
End of Charge Voltage14.4V +- 0.2V
End of Discharge Voltage8V
Discharge Current and Voltage
Max Discharge Current100A
Peak Current250A (10 sec)
BMS Low Voltage Cutoff8V
BMS Reconnect Voltage8.8V
CE for Battery Pack
CertificationsUN3.8 for Battery Pack
UL 1642 & IEC62619
Shipping Classification